Saving Custom Reports

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If you select a report that can be customized via a Report Settings window, you can save the settings as a new report definition. This is different than saving a report for reloading as a .psr formatted report. Saving the definition enables you to select the saved report from the report selection dropdown list on the Reports window as if it were a normal report, and even modify the settings -- just like it was a normal system report.

This is a great way to "extend" a predefined report or save versions of it with different criteria that you use frequently. For example, the Phone List report just prints a member's name and phone number(s). However, if you select criteria for City, and then save the report as "Phone List for City", you can easily return to that report and the criteria will already be there. This speeds the process of running reports, especially if you have complex criteria defined.

Saving a Custom Report Definition

1Choose File > Workspace > Reports.
2Select the desired report from the report selection dropdown.
3When the report is displayed, choose Actions > Save Report Definition.
4Enter the name of the report as you would like to see it in the report selection dropdown. Keep this name short!
5Click OK.

The report will appear in the report selection dropdown until deleted.