Restoring a Backup

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A database backup copy can be used to restore the database to the state it was in when the backup was performed. Any data that was entered into the database after the backup was created will be lost. Note that you must be logged in as the administrator to restore a backup. (The restore menu option will not appear otherwise.)

Note that you are not allowed to restore the database if you are connected remotely. This is to protect the database from being easily overwritten by a remote user.

Important: If you need to restore a backup copy from a previous (Professional 2.x or Standard 5.x) version of MemberTies, you cannot do it via this restore functionality. These version databases must be converted to the new database format, and the restore process cannot do that.  To convert an old database, you must create a new database profile for it, and let the system convert it.  See Maintaining Database Profiles for details.

Restoring a Database Backup

1On the Login window, open the Database list and choose "Restore". (If this is a new installation and you get the Welcome window instead, you can choose the Restore option there as well.)
2The Restore window will open and immediately prompt you to choose the database backup file to restore.  The "Choose File" window will default to the last-used backup location. Choose the file to restore, then click Open.

 Note: If your backup is a folder full of dozens of files with extensions "MYD" and "FRM", and not a single file as described above, you need to tell the system to use the old window for choosing the file(s) to restore.  To do this, hold down the CTRL (control) key when you click the Restore Database menu option. i.e., choose Tools > Database Tools > {hold down CTRL} > Restore Backup.


3After you choose what should be restored, the information is entered for you on the Restore window.


4Click "Start Restore" and confirm the restore prompt. If you are restoring directly from the Welcome or Login window, the system may prompt you for the name to use for the database. This is the name that will appear in the Database list on the Login window when you're finished. It can be any name you like, but something short is best.

 Note: The restore will either replace all data in the active database, or restore the database to its original name. The behavior depends upon whether the "Backup File Can Only Be Restored As" option was selected when the backup was created.

5When the restore finishes, you may be prompted to restart MemberTies to complete the restore process.  Remember that only user names and passwords that existed in the restored database will be valid when you login again.