Resetting a Database

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If you want to clear all data from a database and start over (for example, because you're still testing MemberTies and want to start clean), the easiest way is to create a new database using the same name as your existing database. The system will prompt you, then overwrite you database with a new one.

Resetting a Database

1On the Login window, check the Folder Name of the database shown in the Database dropdown. That is the actual name of your database. The entry will look something like this:


 In this example, the database name is the same as the folder name, but they could be different.

2Choose "Specify New" from the database dropdown on the Login window.


3Enter the database name determined in Step 1 (in this example, we would replace "My Database" with "Demo").
4Click "Create New Database."
5When prompted to overwrite the existing database, choose Yes.
6After the database has been created and you return to the Login window, choose the database and login (remember, any old users and passwords will be gone, so you'll have to use the default "mtadmin" user and "password" password). The database should only contain the original sample record.