Adjusting Report Margins

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You can adjust and save new margin settings for any report.  If your report text seems to start a little too far to the left, for example, you can increase the left margin and "push" the entire report to the right a little.

The above example is from the Mailing Labels report. The "Labels" section is enabled because it is a label report, enabling you to modify additional details besides the margins.

Note: Report margin settings are partly dependent on the settings your PC has stored for your printer. Many printers have an "Unprintable Area" property that allocates a certain portion of the page to white space. To check the settings stored for your printer, display the properties for your printer via Windows Control Panel and look for a setting similar to "Unprintable Area".  If you are printing a report that requires zero margins on all sides, be sure your PC doesn't have a portion of the page automatically excluded from printing.

Adjusting Margins

1Be sure the problem report is displayed on-screen.
2Choose Actions > Adjust Report Margins.
3The Margin Settings window is divided into two sections.

 Margins Section - applies to all types of reports and labels and enables you to adjust the left, right, top, and bottom margins of the report. Increasing the left margin, for example, "pushes" all data on the report to the right.

 Labels Section - is only available for mailing label reports and reports of similar "grid" style like business cards or ID cards.  This section enables you to adjust the spacing between rows and columns, and to change the order in which the report is printed (left to right, or top to bottom).

4Set the new margin settings. For USA paper format reports (i.e., not A4 paper), the settings modified in 1/1000 inch increments, so a value of 125 represents 1/8 inch, 250 represents 1/4 inch, etc. European formats are modified in 1/1000 cm increments.
5If applicable, select new label settings. The column and row spacing settings are in the same increments as the margin settings, i.e., 1/1000 inch or 1/1000 cm.  The Print Pattern controls whether labels print across the page from left to right, or column by column from top to bottom.
6If you click "Apply", the report displayed "underneath" the margin settings window will be modified with your current settings. You may be able to move the margin settings window to the left or right so you can see the effect of your changes.
7When you are finished, click OK.

Note: You can restore the default margin settings for the report by clicking the Default button, then clicking OK to save.