General Settings

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The Report Settings window will contain two or more tab pages, depending on the report you have selected. At a minimum, the General Settings tab and the Criteria Settings tabs will be available. The General Settings tab is used for details like the report title and sort options, while the Report Criteria tab is used to restrict the records that will be shown by the report.

The Settings window displays immediately when a report is selected, or may be reopened by clicking the Settings button on the Reports window.

The General Settings Tab

This tab contains various general options for the report that do not affect which records are returned.


Report Title - If the report contains an editable title, you may change it here.

Sort Order - If the report sort order can be changed, you may change it here. (Some complex reports, such as reports with built-in grouping levels, have a preset sort order that cannot be changed.)

Address Format - If the report contains an address block, this field enables you to choose the address format to use for the report.

Label - When printing mailing labels, this field enables you to choose the label format to use. (If you need to use a type of label that is not listed, contact us to request a new format.)

Remove Duplicate Record from Results - select this option if the criteria you are using for the report tends to bring back duplicate results. For example, say member John Smith has attended both Activity A and Activity B. if you run a report with criteria using an "OR", such as "(Activity A OR Activity B)" to find members who have been part of either activity, the record for John Smith will probably appear twice, because he attended both activities, and therefore matches both criteria.  Selecting this option should cause the report to only show John Smith.

Note that this will only work of the records are completely identical.  If in the above example, if the activity name itself is shown on the report, John Smith will still display twice. That's because the two records for him on the report are not identical (the Activity Names are different) so each record in the results is unique already unique.  In other words, this option tries to eliminate duplicate results not duplicate members.  If instead the report was something like a membership Contact List, and you used the activity name (which is not shown on the report) as criteria as described above, this option would work as expected.

Be careful using this option when posting amounts are displayed on the report!  Two entries of $10 on the same day could be reduced to one in the right situation, causing inaccurate results.

When this Report is Selected in the Future - This setting essentially determines whether or not this settings window should open the next time you run this report. If you choose to run the report immediately, the report will be automatically displayed using the current settings.  If you want to change the settings, you can still do so by clicking the "Settings" button on the Reports window. This is helpful of you do not normally need to adjust the report settings.