Removing Email Addresses

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If you send an email and receive a "bounce" back indicating the address is not valid, you can use the "Remove Email Address" window to automatically search for the member and/or group record(s) containing the invalid address, move the address to the Comments field, and even preceded the new comment with text like, "Removed invalid address."

Users must have the Edit Members and Edit Groups security to use this window.

To Remove an Invalid Address

1Choose Actions > Remove Email Address.
2On the Remove Email Address window, the following fields are available:

 Specific Address - enables you to specific a single invalid email address. You can paste an address using the standard keyboard shortcut CTRL+V, or via the right click popup menu.

 File - enables you to specify a text file containing a list (one address per line) of email addresses to be removed. This should be a standard text file, with no blank lines at the top or within the list.

 Move to Comments - Select this option to add a comment to the record from which the email address is removed.  The comment will begin with the date, and will include any additional text specified, followed by the email address.

 Additional Comment Text - Additional text to add to the comment.  For example, if this field contains "Removed invalid address", the comment stored on the new record will be similar to: "{date}: Removed invalid address:"

3Click Remove. All membership and group records will be searched and updated.  The total number of updates made will be displayed in the lower left corner of the window.
4You can repeat steps 2 and 3 for another other addresses or files you may need to process.
5When you are finished, click Cancel.