How to Purchase

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To use all of the functionality of a MemberTies database, you must assign a valid license to the database. A license is obtained by registering the software. Upon registration, you will receive a license that includes the Licensee Name (typically the name of your organization), and a License Number.  This information can then be applied to any database profile to unlock the database and remove the record limit. If you maintain multiple databases, you may want a separate license for each of them. This is not a requirement -- you can use the same license for more than one database -- but the organization name displayed on reports will be taken from whatever license is currently in use.

Without a valid license, you can only use a database in Unregistered mode. In this mode, the number of membership records that can be created is limited.

Once you have a license, it is valid for all updates (including patches, minor updates, and major upgrades) to the software for a period of one year.  Once the one year period expires, your license will continue to be valid, you just will not be able to use it with any further updates to the software. If the "License Update Prompt" preference is turned on, a message will be displayed 30 days prior to the end of the free updates period.

Note: If you had a valid license have lost the information, i.e., it is no longer stored with the database profile, your system will revert to shareware mode. Records in excess of the maximum will not be lost, but you will be unable to add more until the license information is replaced. Contact support in this situation and your current license information will be sent to you. There is no charge for retrieving this information.

To Check Your License Status

The check the license in use for the current database and determine when the free update period of your license expires, choose Help > About MemberTies and choose the "License Information" tabpage. The free update period can be extended at any time for a small fee.

License information will be displayed, as well as contact information and the version of the software you are running.

Note: You cannot use a standard MemberTies license to run MemberTies Professional or visa versa. Each version requires a special type of license.

To Register

Open the Help menu and choose Register, or go to our website at Payments are accepted via check, postal money order, credit card, or purchase order, and may be made over the phone or via a secure Internet transaction.