Private Tab

Professional Version Only

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

The Private tab is used for highly private information. This information is not available on any system report, and cannot be used as criteria without the appropriate security settings.  Note that you can create a user-defined report that includes private data if you choose.  Security rules are also available to prevent certain users from viewing the Private tab at all.

Important: Your data is only as safe as your computer.  If critically confidential data is stored in MemberTies Professional, or any other program, it is only protected to the degree that your computer is protected.  If someone has access to the physical machine, they can eventually get to any data stored on it. Myrro International cannot guarantee the privacy of any data in the database, because we cannot control the access to the machine where it is stored.

The tab includes eight fields that can be labeled however you wish (similar to the fields on the custom tab, but only the names can be changed), and one large Comments field.

You can change a private field label directly on the Private Tab. In the example above the first three private fields have been renamed.  To change the name of a field, click the label (i.e., "Private Field 01").

See Private Field Labels for additional information about changing field names.