Postings - Type Grid Report

Professional Version Only

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This is cross-tab style report that displays the date and member name, and then a column for each posting type on the report.  Each row is totalled to the right, and each column is totalled at the bottom, creating a "grid" of posting type total data.

Due to space limitations on the report, six posting types is about the most that can be displayed.  If you choose more posting types with your criteria the report may flow into a second page.

You will need to use Advanced Criteria in order to select multiple posting types.

Using Postings Criteria

This is a non-specific posting report.  If you use report criteria, choose posting criteria fields from the "Postings  (Any)" category to keep it non-specific.  If you choose criteria from, "Postings (Dues)" for example, the report will focus only on Dues information.