Membership or Photo ID Card Report

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The membership card and photo ID card reports are both very similar. They use standard business card paper stock (10 cards/sheet, 2" x 3.5" cards), such as the Avery® 8371 Business Card paper. Each card will include the Name, ID, and End Date, and either a logo graphic you define (for Membership Cards), or the  photo graphic (for Photo ID Cards).


There are two Photo ID card reports, one for Member data, the other for Friends/Family data.  There is no report that combines both types of data on the same report, because doing this makes it impossible to restrict the report to just one family member, or to just the main member.

For photo ID cards, the report uses the photo assigned to the record. If there is no photo assigned, the record will not be found by the report.

If photos are stored in the database (controlled by a database preference), each photo will be recreated as a physical file in a temporary directory for display on the report. For this reason, a large report may take a few seconds to display while the photos are being created.


For Membership Cards, the report uses the default logo specified in report preferences. The logo should be a bitmap file 144 pixels square. You can use any graphics editing program to create this file and save it to the program directory. The easiest way is to create a new graphic 144x144 pixels in size with a white background. Add a logo to that graphic, and leave any unused area as white color. That way, the blank space will be invisible on the finished card.

For example, these three "logos" are all placed in a graphic that is square, despite the actual shape of the logo.

Note: Depending on the complexity of the logo graphic or photo files, your printer may have difficulty printing the cards. This is a function of your printer memory and system resources.