Page Settings

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The Page Setup dialog enables you to set margins, paper size, orientation, header & footers, and multi-column modes.

Note: All settings are entered in inches, even if the selected page format is a European measurement. This is a function of the word processing tool that we cannot modify at this time.

Modifying Page Settings

1Choose File > Workspace > Documents
2Open the document you want to work with.
3Choose File > Page Setup


4The Page Setup window includes three pages of settings:
Margins and Paper - enables you to set document margins, choose the paper format (size) or set a custom size, and set the orientation.
Headers and Footers - enables you to turn on or off the header and/or footer for the current page or the entire document. You can also specify how far the header/footer starts from the top/bottom of the page, and set a special value just for the first page if necessary.
Note: If headers or footers are turned on, you can access them by double-clicking in the header/footer area.  Then double-click in the body of the document to return. Database fields are not supported inside header or footer regions.
Columns - enables you to change the document into a multi-column layout. Several column count options are provided, or you can specify a custom number of columns, in which case you can also set custom widths and spacing for each column. You can also choose to have a vertical line displayed between the columns, using a specific width and color.
5Make your changes, then click OK to apply the changes