Organization Preferences

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Setting Organization Preferences

1Choose Tools > Preferences, or click the Preferences toolbar button.
2Expand the Organization section.
3The following preferences are available:

 Name of Organization - sets the name of the your organization as it should appear on all reports. If you have a license and have applied it to a database profile, the organization name is preset to the organization the license is registered to and cannot be changed.

 See Registering for more information about registration and licensing. See Maintaining Database Profiles for information about applying licenses to database profiles.

 Return Address - (MemberTies Professional only) controls the return mailing address for the organization. This address is used in conjunction with the organization name on the Dues Account Statement report, for example.

 Word for 'Group' - sets the name to be used for the "Group" section of the system. The word used here ("Group" by default) will appear in everything related to groups, including menus, buttons, reports, field names, etc. This must be entered in the singular form, i.e., use "Group" not "Groups" because the system will automatically add the "s" when appropriate. You may have to restart the program for all menus and buttons to reflect the change.

 Fiscal Year - controls the month on which the organization's year begins. This is used on the Dues Calculator when prorating dues, and for the "Fiscal Year" date ranges (i.e., current fiscal year, etc.).  If this preference is not set, the default is January.

 Global Email Signature - (MemberTies Professional only) enables you to define a signature that will automatically display on emails, appearing below any profile-specific signature block.  This is typically used for general information that needs to automatically appear on emails regardless of who is sending it via what profile.

4When you're finished changing preferences, click OK.