New Install - Restoring a Backup

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This procedure applies to people who have a single database backup file with a name like "bkup_20080405_MyDatabaseName.sql".

If you have a single file with a ".db" extension, you have an old-style database. See New Install - From .db Database File
If you have a set of files including ".myd", ".myi", and ".frm", you have a database copy.  See New Install - From Database Copy instead.


If you have been given a database backup file with a name like "bkup_BackupDate_DatabaseName.sql" you have been given a true database backup. This is the best way to transfer  the database from one person to another.

Since you are reading this, we'll assume that the initial installation of MemberTies has already been accomplished.

Note: If you are running any sort of firewall or antivirus software on your computer, read this.

Restoring the Database Backup to a New Installation

1Copy the Backup File (the bkup_date_name.sql file) to your computer. Just copy it to your Desktop for simplicity.
2Start the software and decide what to do next based upon the window that appears:

 If the Welcome to MemberTies window appears


Choose "Restore Database from a Backup File". See instructions under New User Login for further details.

 If the Login Window Appears

Click the "Database" dropdown field and choose the option labeled, "(Restore Backup...)".
Choose OK when prompted.
On the Database Restore window, select the database backup file, then click Start Restore.
After the restore completes, click Restart to reload the Login window, and the restored database should be displayed for selection.