Icon1 Welcome!
Icon2 Standard Version Overview
Icon3 Professional Version Overview
Icon4 Server and Database Overview
Icon5 Logging In
Icon5.1 Firewall/Antivirus Notice
Icon5.2 Overview
Icon5.3 New User Login
Icon5.4 New Upgrade or Reinstall
Icon5.5 New Install - Restoring a Backup
Icon5.6 New Install - From Database Copy
Icon5.7 New Install - From ".db" Database File
Icon5.8 Normal Login
Icon5.9 Languages
Icon5.10 Login Problems
Icon5.11 Command Line Arguments
Icon6 Getting Started
Icon6.1 Initial Setup
Icon6.2 Getting Help
Icon6.3 Common Icons
Icon6.4 Toolbar Buttons
Icon6.5 Calendar
Icon6.6 Selecting Rows in Lists
Icon6.7 Tip of the Day
Icon6.8 Using a New License
Icon7 Importing Data
Icon7.1 Converting an Old Database
Icon7.2 Importing Data
Icon8 Activity Records
Icon8.1 Overview
Icon8.2 Reporting on Absent Membres
Icon8.3 Using the Activity List
Icon8.3.1 Overview
Icon8.3.2 Search Tab
Icon8.3.3 Results Tab
Icon8.3.4 Displaying Current Attendance
Icon8.4 Working with Views
Icon8.4.1 Overview
Icon8.4.2 Working with Views
Icon8.4.3 Maintaining Views
Icon8.4.4 Changing Field Properties
Icon8.4.5 Exporting Data with a View
Icon8.5 Maintaining Activity Records
Icon8.5.1 Working with Activities
Icon8.5.2 Advanced Options
Icon8.5.3 Recording Activity Attendees
Icon8.5.4 Recording Activity Income and Expenses
Icon8.5.5 Relating Files to Activities
Icon8.5.6 Tracking Deposits
Icon8.6 Using the Activity Front Desk
Icon8.6.1 Using the Activity Front Desk
Icon8.6.2 Using Unattended Mode
Icon9 Database Maintenance
Icon9.1 Server and Database Overview
Icon9.2 Creating a New Database
Icon9.3 Deleting a Database
Icon9.4 Moving a Database
Icon9.5 Database Hosting
Icon9.6 Using a Remote Database
Icon9.7 Setting Up a Multi-User System
Icon9.8 Running the Server as a Windows Service
Icon9.9 Housekeeping
Icon9.9.1 Maintaining Tables
Icon9.9.2 Testing Data Integrity
Icon9.9.3 Using the Event Log
Icon9.9.4 Clearing all Print Receipt Settings
Icon9.9.5 Clearing all Membership Flag Settings
Icon10 Database Backup/Restore
Icon10.1 Backing Up the Database
Icon10.2 Restoring a Backup
Icon10.3 Resetting a Database
Icon11 Database Profiles/Licenses
Icon11.1 Applying a License
Icon11.2 Importing/Exporting Database Profiles
Icon11.3 Maintaining Database Profiles
Icon12 Local Database Server Utility
Icon12.1 Server and Database Overview
Icon12.2 Using the Server Utility
Icon12.3 Starting the Server Automatically
Icon12.4 Running the Server as a Windows Service
Icon12.5 Maintaining Tables
Icon12.6 Deleting a Database
Icon13 Deposits
Icon13.1 Tracking Deposits
Icon14 Dues, Donations, etc. (Postings)
Icon14.1 Postings Overview
Icon14.2 Dues Tab (Members)
Icon14.3 Dues Tab (Groups)
Icon14.4 Donations Tab (Members)
Icon14.5 Posting to Multiple Records
Icon14.6 Posting Dues Automatically
Icon14.7 Deleting Postings from Multiple Records
Icon14.8 Maintaining Posting Types
Icon14.9 Maintaining Credit Card Data
Icon14.10 Using the Dues Calculator
Icon15 Email
Icon15.1 Sending Email
Icon15.2 Loading Email Messages
Icon15.3 Using Database Fields
Icon15.4 Working with Email Profiles
Icon15.5 Email Profile Examples
Icon15.6 Removing Email Addresses
Icon15.7 Viewing Sent Mail
Icon15.8 Troubleshooting Email Delivery
Icon15.9 Troubleshooting Email Display
Icon16 Group Records
Icon16.1 Overview
Icon16.2 Using the Group List
Icon16.2.1 Overview
Icon16.2.2 Search Tab
Icon16.2.3 Results Tab
Icon16.2.4 Building an Email List
Icon16.2.5 Sending Email
Icon16.2.6 Working With Previews
Icon16.2.7 Viewing Contact Information
Icon16.3 Working with Views
Icon16.3.1 Overview
Icon16.3.2 Working with Views
Icon16.3.3 Maintaining Views
Icon16.3.4 Exporting Data with a View
Icon16.4 Maintaining Group Records
Icon16.4.1 Working with Groups
Icon16.4.2 The "Auto-Relate" Group
Icon16.4.3 The "Report Default" Group
Icon16.4.4 Using Multiple Addresses
Icon16.5 Group Record Tab Pages
Icon16.5.1 General Tab
Icon16.5.2 Status Tab
Icon16.5.3 Dues Tab
Icon16.5.4 Items Tab
Icon16.5.5 Members Tab
Icon16.5.6 ToDo Tab
Icon16.5.7 Custom Tab
Icon17 Lists (Dropdown Lists)
Icon17.1 Overview
Icon17.2 Merging/Combining Values
Icon17.3 Activity Roles
Icon17.4 Activity Types
Icon17.5 Address Types
Icon17.6 Association Types
Icon17.7 Attendance Statuses
Icon17.8 Categories & Items
Icon17.9 Cities
Icon17.10 Club Types
Icon17.11 Counties
Icon17.12 Countries
Icon17.13 Credit Card Names
Icon17.14 Custom Fields
Icon17.15 Locations
Icon17.16 Location Types
Icon17.17 Occupation Names
Icon17.18 Payment Methods
Icon17.19 Phone Types
Icon17.20 Posting Types
Icon17.21 Private Field Labels
Icon17.22 References
Icon17.23 States/Provinces
Icon17.24 Status Codes
Icon17.25 Stored Comments
Icon18 Membership Records
Icon18.1 Overview
Icon18.2 About Member IDs
Icon18.3 Photos
Icon18.4 Preloaded Member IDs
Icon18.5 Using the Membership List
Icon18.5.1 Overview
Icon18.5.2 Search Tab
Icon18.5.3 Results Tab
Icon18.5.4 Building an Email List
Icon18.5.5 Adding Members to a Group
Icon18.5.6 Adding Members to Activities
Icon18.5.7 Choosing Random Members
Icon18.5.8 Sending Email
Icon18.5.9 Working with Previews
Icon18.5.10 Viewing Contact Information
Icon18.6 Working with Views
Icon18.6.1 Overview
Icon18.6.2 Working with Views
Icon18.6.3 Using the Add/Edit View Window
Icon18.6.4 Changing Field Properties
Icon18.6.5 Exporting Data with Views
Icon18.6.6 Exporting or Importing Views
Icon18.7 Maintaining Member Records
Icon18.7.1 Working with Members
Icon18.7.2 Friends and Family
Icon18.7.3 Building an Email List
Icon18.7.4 Changing Data (Bulk)
Icon18.7.5 Maintaining a Member Photo
Icon18.7.6 Using Multiple Addresses
Icon18.7.7 Scanning a Driver License
Icon18.7.8 Sending Email
Icon18.7.9 Status Change History
Icon18.7.10 Default Membership Statuses
Icon18.8 Membership Record Tab Pages
Icon18.8.1 General Tab
Icon18.8.2 Status Tab
Icon18.8.3 Private Tab
Icon18.8.4 Dues Tab
Icon18.8.5 Donations Tab
Icon18.8.6 Items Tab
Icon18.8.7 Associated Tab
Icon18.8.8 Friends/Family Tab
Icon18.8.9 ToDo Tab
Icon18.8.10 Custom Tab
Icon18.8.11 Activities Tab
Icon19 Preferences
Icon19.1 Preferences Overview
Icon19.2 Activity Front Desk Preferences
Icon19.3 Database Preferences
Icon19.4 Financial Preferences
Icon19.5 Group Preferences
Icon19.6 Login Preferences
Icon19.7 Logoff Preferences
Icon19.8 Membership Preferences
Icon19.9 Miscellaneous Preferences
Icon19.10 Organization Preferences
Icon19.11 Report Preferences
Icon20 Documents
Icon20.1 Overview
Icon20.2 Working with Documents
Icon20.3 Find & Replace
Icon20.4 Page Settings
Icon20.5 Paragraph & Font Settings
Icon20.6 Bullets & Numbering
Icon20.7 Using Database Fields
Icon20.8 Using Criteria
Icon20.9 Printing
Icon20.10 Using Images
Icon20.11 Using Tables
Icon20.12 Using Text Frames
Icon20.13 Using Styles
Icon21 Reports
Icon21.1 Reports Overview
Icon21.2 Adjusting Report Margins
Icon21.3 Using the Print Window
Icon21.4 Setting the Default Club
Icon21.5 Printing a Report
Icon21.6 Deleting Report Definitions
Icon21.7 Saving Report Definitions
Icon21.8 Troubleshooting
Icon21.9 Entering Report Criteria
Icon21.9.1 General Settings
Icon21.9.2 Criteria Settings
Icon21.9.3 Selecting a Criteria Field
Icon21.9.4 Selecting an Operator
Icon21.9.5 Selecting a Criteria Value
Icon21.9.6 Entering Date Criteria
Icon21.9.7 Saving Criteria
Icon21.9.8 Exporting or Importing Criteria
Icon21.9.9 Search Criteria Examples
Icon21.10 Report Descriptions
Icon21.10.1 Activity Attendance
Icon21.10.2 Activity Attendance by Group
Icon21.10.3 Activity Attendance Totals
Icon21.10.4 Activity Balance
Icon21.10.5 Activity by Group
Icon21.10.6 Activity by Attendee
Icon21.10.7 Activity by Sponsor
Icon21.10.8 Activity Counts - By Date
Icon21.10.9 Activity Counts - By Date/Time
Icon21.10.10 Activity Detail
Icon21.10.11 Activity Detail (w/Absentees)
Icon21.10.12 Activity Check-In Not Found
Icon21.10.13 Activity Hours by Attendee
Icon21.10.14 Activity List
Icon21.10.15 Activity Sponsorship Counts
Icon21.10.16 Activity Summary
Icon21.10.17 Activity Totals by Type
Icon21.10.18 Activity Type by Attendee
Icon21.10.19 Anniversary List
Icon21.10.20 Assigned Items
Icon21.10.21 Birthday List
Icon21.10.22 Birthday List (+Family)
Icon21.10.23 Group List
Icon21.10.24 Group Membership
Icon21.10.25 Compact Membership List
Icon21.10.26 Compact Membership List 2
Icon21.10.27 Contact List
Icon21.10.28 Contact List (+Family)
Icon21.10.29 Credit Cards on File
Icon21.10.30 Deposit Detail
Icon21.10.31 Directory Listing
Icon21.10.32 Donation Summary
Icon21.10.33 Donations by Date
Icon21.10.34 Donations by Member
Icon21.10.35 Donations Receipt
Icon21.10.36 Dues Account Statement
Icon21.10.37 Dues Account Statement 2
Icon21.10.38 Dues Balance
Icon21.10.39 Dues Postings
Icon21.10.40 Dues Receipt
Icon21.10.41 Dues Schedule
Icon21.10.42 Dues Standings
Icon21.10.43 Liability Waiver
Icon21.10.44 Mailing Labels (Clubs/Members)
Icon21.10.45 Membership by Country
Icon21.10.46 Membership Cards
Icon21.10.47 Membership Data Export
Icon21.10.48 Membership History
Icon21.10.49 Membership Statistics - Brief
Icon21.10.50 Membership Statistics - Full
Icon21.10.51 Membership Status
Icon21.10.52 Multiple Group Affiliation
Icon21.10.53 Name & ID List
Icon21.10.54 Phone List
Icon21.10.55 Photo ID Cards
Icon21.10.56 Postings - by Date
Icon21.10.57 Postings - by Payment Method
Icon21.10.58 Postings - by Month
Icon21.10.59 Postings - by Source
Icon21.10.60 Postings - by Type
Icon21.10.61 Postings - Listing
Icon21.10.62 Postings - Statement
Icon21.10.63 Postings - Totals by Year
Icon21.10.64 Postings - Totals by Yr/Month
Icon21.10.65 Postings - Type Grid
Icon21.10.66 Receipt Listing
Icon21.10.67 Retention
Icon21.10.68 Related Members
Icon21.10.69 Related Members (Contact)
Icon21.10.70 Return Address Labels
Icon21.10.71 Roster
Icon21.10.72 Sent Mail by Member
Icon21.10.73 Status Change History
Icon21.10.74 Status Codes
Icon21.10.75 Status Codes (Complete)
Icon21.10.76 Stored Comments
Icon21.10.77 Summary - Group
Icon21.10.78 Summary - Individual
Icon21.10.79 ToDo List
Icon21.11 PSR Format Reports
Icon21.11.1 Saving PSR Reports
Icon21.11.2 Viewing a Saved PSR Report
Icon22 User-Defined Reports
Icon22.1 Overview
Icon22.2 Grouping, Hiding, and Controlling Duplicate Data
Icon22.3 Working with User Defined Reports
Icon22.4 Changing Field Properties
Icon22.5 Smart Fields
Icon22.6 Exporting or Importing
Icon22.7 Making a Bar-Coded Member ID Card
Icon23 Search Criteria
Icon23.1 Entering Basic Search Criteria
Icon23.2 Entering Advanced Search Criteria
Icon23.3 Selecting a Criteria Field
Icon23.4 Selecting an Operator
Icon23.5 Selecting a Criteria Value
Icon23.6 Entering Date Criteria
Icon23.7 Saving Criteria
Icon23.8 Exporting/Importing Criteria
Icon23.9 Using the Quick Search Window
Icon23.10 Advanced Search Examples
Icon24 Snapshots
Icon24.1 Overview
Icon24.2 Using the Snapshots Window
Icon25 ToDo List
Icon25.1 Overview
Icon25.2 Working with the ToDo List
Icon25.3 Printing the ToDo List
Icon26 Users, Passwords, and Security
Icon26.1 Overview
Icon26.2 Working with Users
Icon26.3 Passwords
Icon26.4 Security Groups
Icon26.5 Security Settings (Viewing)
Icon26.6 Showing Active Users
Icon26.7 Record Locking
Icon26.8 Running an SQL File
Icon27 Registering/Buying a License
Icon27.1 Why Bother to Register?
Icon27.2 How to Purchase
Icon27.3 Using a New License
Icon27.4 Using Database Profiles
Icon27.5 Contacting Support
Icon28 Moving the Software
Icon28.1 Moving the Software
Icon29 Troubleshooting
Icon29.1 Contacting Support
Icon29.2 The Help/About Window
Icon29.3 The System Error Window
Icon29.4 Uninstalling MemberTies
Icon29.5 Common Questions/Issues
Icon29.5.1 Associating Saved Reports with the Report Viewer
Icon29.5.2 Can I put the database on a network drive?
Icon29.5.3 Can I use the same license for more than one database?
Icon29.5.4 Do you accept credit cards for registration payment?
Icon29.5.5 How do I handle dues payments that apply to more than one person?
Icon29.5.6 How do I hide tabs I don't want to see?
Icon29.5.7 How do I select more than one row in a list?
Icon29.5.8 How do I sort on a combined user report field?
Icon29.5.9 How do I track a Committee?
Icon29.5.10 Our licensed organization name changed!
Icon29.5.11 The Member ID Column Sorts Incorrectly
Icon29.5.12 When should I use a Custom Field vs an Item?
Icon29.5.13 Where do I find information about program updates?
Icon29.5.14 Why do some members appear twice?
Icon29.5.15 Why is the date format wrong?

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