Membership Records Overview

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A membership record represents a person relevant to your organization. Despite the name, "membership record," the record does not necessarily have to represent an actual "member" in terms of a class of membership. In other words, a prospective member, as well as a "person who gets our newsletters," is a candidate for a membership record.

You work with members via the Membership List. To get to the Membership List, choose File > Workspace > Membership List, or click the Membership List toolbar button.

Membership Record Basics

Name - Each membership record must have either a First and Last Name, or a Company Name. If you want to have the system display the Company Name instead of the first and last name, leave the name fields blank and enter only a company name as shown:

Another common need is to enter the normal first and last name, but to send mailings to a "family" name. This is done with the Alternate Mail Name field as shown below.  The value in the Alternate Mail Name field will be automatically used instead of the name or company name on system defined mailing label reports.
Address - You don't have to enter any address information except the Country.
Status - The membership status is required. If you don't like the status options that come with MemberTies, you can create your own.
Start Date and End Date - Every record must have a Start Date, but an End Date is only required if the status has been defined as one that expires (expiration is assumed to take place on the End Date, so the system needs to know when that occurs). The Start Date represents the date the person first became a member (or became associated with the group). Typically, the Start Date never changes, but the End Date is updated each time dues are renewed.
Dues and Donations - Monies received from the member are recorded as dues charges and payments, or as donations (Professional version only). Dues are tracked on a separate tab from Donations, to prevent donation funds from being added as a credit to a member's dues account.
Relationships - Members are often related to each other, as family members, sponsors, teammates, etc.  You can tell the system to always require a relationship for certain membership statuses. For example, a "family" status might logically require that the person assigned that status be related to at least one other member.
Items - The "items" tab is useful for tracking things that can be assigned to a member more than once.  Offices a member has held, or awards a member has won are good candidates for "items" because one person could have held many offices. Other simple data like "nickname" or "hair color" do not need to be set up as Items, because they are normally only assigned once.  See Categories & Items for more details.