Members Tab

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

This tab displays all membership records that have been assigned to the group, as well as an option group-specific start and end date. You can open any listed membership record for viewing by selecting it and clicking the Open Member icon.

Note: This help topic explains how to add members from the Group record itself.  You may also add multiple members to a group directly from the Membership List. See Adding Members to a Group for details.

Assigning Membership Records

1On the Members tab, click Search.
2When the search window opens, enter criteria that will help you find the member(s) you want to assign, then click "Search".  You can search for as many records as you need (select the Append checkbox to continue adding to the results list).
3When all records to be related are shown in the results list, select the desired records and then click "Select". All highlighted records will be assigned to the group.

Setting the Start and End Date

1On the Members tab, right-click the record for which you want to set dates.
2Choose Edit Dates
3On the Edit Dates window, set the desired Start and/or End Date, and click OK.

Removing an Assigned Member

Removing a membership entry from this tab merely breaks the relationship between that membership record and the group. The actual membership record is unaffected.

1Select one or more membership records to delete.
2Click Delete.
3Confirm the deletion.