Maintaining Stored Comments

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Stored comments enable you to set up and save common text entries for use in various freeform Comments fields throughout the system. Such fields exist on membership, group, and activity records, dues entries, and the Account Statement report, for example.  The stored comment can be anything you type frequently, such as "Sent welcome letter." or, "Your account is past due. Please remit payment immediately to avoid cancellation."

A Stored Comments icon will be displayed next to comments fields. Clicking this icon will display the list of comments, from which you can select an entry to insert into the field. When selecting a stored comment, you can also select the "Include Current Date" option to prepend the selected text with the current date.

This is how the window appears when maintaining the stored comment list. There is no "Include Current Date" option available in this case.

Maintaining Stored Comments

1Choose Tools > Dropdown Lists > Stored Comments.
2The Maintain Stored Comments list enables you to Add, Open, or Delete any entry.
3Choose the appropriate option. If you are adding or changing an entry, the following fields are available:

 Comment - The text of the comment. Remember that some comment fields only allow 250 total characters, while others allow more than a thousand. Keep texts short for the greatest usability.