Maintaining Credit Card Data

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You can store information about any number of credit/debit cards for each member or group record. Each time a  record is opened, the system will check the expiration date on any cards stored for that record, and will clear the Valid checkbox if the card is expired.

Access to this window is controlled by the "Open Credit Card Data" Security Setting.

Important: Credit card information should be considered sensitive data. Myrro International cannot be held responsible for any use or misuse of credit card data stored or printed using this software. Security Group settings are available to restrict access to credit card data and reports.

Maintaining Credit Cards

1There are two ways to access the list of stored credit cards:
From any list of postings (Dues/Donations/Activities), click the credit card icon in the lower left corner
When entering or editing a posting, click the credit card icon displayed next to the Cheque field.
2The Maintain Card list enables you to Add, Open, or Delete any entry.
3Choose the appropriate option. If you are adding or changing an entry, the following fields are available:

 Card - Select the name of the card. Values in this list are controlled by the Credit Card Names system list. See Maintaining Credit Card Names for information about adding or editing available names.

 Type - Select whether this is a credit or debit card.

 Card Number - Enter the card number. When a card is selected for use with a dues payment, the last four digits of the number will be displayed in the Cheque field (i.e., if the card number is 1111-2222-3333-4444, the Cheque field will show "4444")

 Expiration - Enter the month and year the card expires (the format is MM/YY). Note that if the expiration date has already passed, the Valid checkbox will be cleared automatically when you save the data.

 Verification Value - Also known as the "CVC2" or "CVV2," this is the 3 or 4 digit security code typically printed in reverse italics on the back of the card above the signature area (or the front above the account number on some cards). This code can be used as part of the authentication process to reduce fraud by helping to ensure that the card is physically present when the number is provided.

 Name on Card - Enter the name of the card holder as it appears on the card.

 Issuing Bank - This field may be used for additional information about the bank that issued the card.

 Bank Phone - Enter the telephone number for the issuing bank. Many credit cards have a contact or verification telephone number on the back of the card.

 Comments - Enter general comments about this card.

 Valid - Indicates whether the card is valid. The system cannot know whether the card number is actually valid, so it will only check the expiration date value. You may also want to uncheck this value if the card is declined, etc. Note: Any card marked as invalid will be displayed in the card list with a line through the card name.

4When you are finished, click OK to return to the list.