Group Types

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Each group record can be assigned a specific "type."  The group type can be especially helpful to categorize similar groups.

For example, a common use of group records is for committees. A group record is a convenient way to group members together in a way that can be easily used on search windows. So if groups have been renamed to "Committees", you might setup group types for "Fundraising", "Social Planning", etc. Then you can easily find all of  the members on the committee by simply using that group name and type as search criteria.

Maintaining Group Types

1Choose Tools > Dropdown Lists > Group Types.
2The Maintain Group Type list enables you to Add, Open, or Delete any entry.
3Choose the appropriate option. If you are adding or changing an entry, the following fields are available:

 Value - The name of the group type.

 Default - Select this option if you want this status to be the default for new group records. Setting a default is optional.

Combining Values

Entries on this list can be combined into one. See Merging/Combining Values for details.