Maintaining Activity Roles

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Activity Roles enable you to describe the role played by a given attendee with regard to an activity. Typical roles may be, "Host", "Greeter", "Facilitator", "Bartender", "Usher", etc.  They typically represent things people "do" at an activity.

A role is not required for every attendee, therefore you are allowed to delete a role that is in use.  If you choose to delete the record even after being prompted that it is in use, the role value will be cleared on any records that were using it (i.e., those records will no longer have any role assigned).

Maintaining Activity Roles

1Choose Tools > Dropdown Lists > Activity > Activity Roles.
2The Maintain Activity Roles list enables you to Add, Open, or Delete any entry.
3Choose the appropriate option. If you are adding or changing an entry, the following fields are available:

 Value - The name of the role.

 Default - Select this option if you want this role to be the default for new attendance records. Setting a default is optional.

Combining Values

Entries on this list can be combined into one. See Merging/Combining Values for details.