Loading Email Messages

Professional Version Only

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Email messages are stored in the database, and can be quickly reloaded to create a new message.

Loading a Message

1On the Message tab of the email window, click the Browse icon to open the Load Message window.


2The Load Message window displays all previously stored messages in the "Available Messages" list.  The following options are available on this window:

 Delete Message - permanently deletes the selected stored message

 Load HTML File - enables you to load a complete HTML file that you may have created using an external HTML editing tool. Note that no link will persist between the original file and the email message, so if the external file is modified, it will need to be reloaded.

 Load Selected Message - Select this option to load the selected message into the Email window when you click OK.  This checkbox is provided so that you can open this window and load or delete messages without actually affecting the email message you may already be working with.

3When you are finished, click OK.