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MemberTies is written and supported in English, so it is important that someone in your organization can speak English if you ever need to contact us for support.

The following language variations are installed:

Default (English) - a mixture of US and UK English, with compound labels on some fields. For example, "cheque" instead of "check" is used for describing a financial instrument, but "ZIP/Postal Code"  is displayed as one label for addresses.
US English - standard US translation
UK English - standard UK translation

We at Myrro International do not claim to be fluent in any language other than US English (and sometimes even that is questionable -- we're programmers, after all), so if you notice something that would be more properly written another way in a particular translation, please let us know and we'll change it.

If you are interested in providing a new translation, please let us know.  In exchange for the translation, and if you're willing to send us updates as we add new text strings for new versions, we'll give your organization unlimited use of MemberTies free of charge.  We have a special utility designed to simplify the process of making the translation files we need, and we can make it available to you.

Note: We do not plan to provide any translated versions of the Help system.  Keeping a help system current in multiple languages would be very time-consuming.  It is assumed that someone in your organization will be able to speak English to act as a liaison for us (for support needs) if necessary, and to read the Help and provide assistance to your non-English speaking users.