Items Tab (Members)

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

The Items tab displays all Items that have been assigned to the member. Items, or "categories and items" as they are commonly referred, are a very powerful and flexible feature.

Items are used for situations where you need a "one to many" data relationship. In other words, one member (the "one") may hold multiple titles, win multiple awards, have multiple skills, etc. (the "many"). Custom fields don't work very well for this, because each field only holds one piece of data. Items, on the other hand, work perfectly because you can create any number of items, linked to any number of categories, and assign them any number of times to a given record. In the sample below, this member has been assigned multiple items, including two from the Skills category.

By default, an assigned item includes only a Date and a Comment, but with MemberTies Professional you can turn on several more date, text, and numeric fields for your use if necessary.  See Categories & Items for more information.

Filtering the Display

By default, all items are displayed. If the member has a large number of Items assigned to from various categories, you can filter the list down to just items from a specific category using the Show By Category dropdown.

Note: If you add or change an Item and give it a different category than the one currently being used to filter the display on the tab, the item will not appear in the list until you select the appropriate category or choose "(All)".

Adding an Item

1On the Items tab, click Add.
2When the Add Item window opens, the following fields are available:

 Category - The category you select determines which items will appear.

 Item - The item to assign.

 Date - The date to associate with this item. This may not apply if the item you created is not date-related.

 Comments - General comments. Since items may be used multiple times, the combination of date and comment help distinguish one from another.

 Note: If no items (or categories) are available in the dropdowns, you will need to create them first. See Maintaining Items for more information.

3When you are finished, click OK.

Changing an Item

1On the Items tab, select the item you want to change, then click Open.
2When the Maintain Item window opens, make your changes, then click OK.

Deleting an Item

Deleted items are removed from the current member only. To permanently remove an item from the database (and from all members) you must delete the Item from the system list. See Maintaining Items for more information.

1On the Items tab, select one or more items to delete.
2Click Delete.
3Confirm the deletion.