How do I track a Committee?

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Group records work quite well for tracking committees and other "sub-groups" of your membership.

Group records were originally intended for tracking other similar organizations to which your members might belong. For example, if you run the Texas Widget Chapter, but some of your members also belong to the Louisiana Widget Chapter, you could create a group record for Louisiana Widget Chapter and relate the appropriate members to that.

Since you can assign members to group records, you can use them to group any number of members without the need for custom fields or categories/items. If you need to track a group of some kind where you just need to know which members are a part of it, you can create a Group record for the group and relate members to it as necessary. You can even assign members to groups directly from the Membership List (Actions > Assign Group).

Once assigned, you can easily query for group members of a particular group by using the standard Search on the Membership List; just select the name of the group in the Group Name dropdown on the Search tab (basic search).

You can also use the Group Name as criteria on most reports, so it's easy to run a listing of all the group members, or mailing labels, or any other report.

Of course, if you need to track things like attendance and expenses for the committee, then an Activity record makes more sense; but, in many cases a group record will do just fine.