Getting Help

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The software includes two different kinds of help:

Windows Help, which you are reading now, may be accessed by a Help button, by pressing F1, or by choosing an option under the Help menu. This help is primarily meant to be procedural -- to explain concepts or show how to do various tasks. It may also be searched, either via the predefined Index, or using the full text search available on the Find tab of the main Help window.

MicroHelp, otherwise known as "that help text at the bottom of the screen", is available for anything that can receive the focus of the cursor (i.e., fields, buttons, and other places the cursor goes when you click or tab to it).  When a field or button receives the cursor focus, a short description may appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.  Often it will just be the name of the field you're in, but sometimes it includes something more descriptive.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the Help files, you have two other options:

MemberTalk Online Forum - Accessed via the Internet at, users from all over the world can post questions and suggestions, and answer questions from other users.  The forum is searchable and contains a lot of good information.

Contact Support - Emails to support at are answered quickly, often in less than an hour.  We pride ourselves on our fast response time. See Contacting Support for additional information.