Friends/Family Tab

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

The Friends/Family tab contains a list of non-member "people" who are tied to the member record, but do not have complete membership records of their own. Typically this includes spouses, children, etc.

Adding Friends/Family

Records can be added directly on the Friends/Family tab, and can also be created by converting an existing associated member (see below).

1On the Friends/Family tab, click Add to open the New Person window.


2The following fields are available:

 Name - The full name can be entered. Like the main member record, if a single character is entered for the Middle Name, a trailing period will be added automatically (i.e., "Q" becomes "Q.", but "Quincy" is left unchanged.

 ID - This is similar to the Member ID, and it defaults to the ID of the main record. Unlike the main record however, this field can be left blank. If it has a value it can be used when searching for an activity attendee on the activity Front Desk window.

 Association - The relationship this person has to the main member record (daughter, son, etc.)

 Birthdate - The person's date of birth. Once entered, the Age is calculated automatically.

 Sex - The person's gender

 Contact Name - The emergency contact person. For example, a child may be listed on his father's record, but if his father travels a lot, it could be the mother or other relative listed here.

 Contact Phone - The corresponding emergency contact phone number.

 Comments - General comments

 Allow Check-In - Select this option to allow this person to be found in a search and available for check-in via the activity Front Desk window. This option is selected by default, but if the person being entered is someone who would never attend anything, clearing this option may make search results cleaner.

 Photo - The photo icon to the right of the name enables you to associate a photo file to the record. Click the icon to open the Photo window, where you can add or view the associated photo. See Maintaining a Member Photo for more information.

3When you're finished, click OK to save.

Converting an Associated Member to a Friends/Family record

If a person was originally created as an associated member record, it can be converted to a Friends/Family record automatically. Only data fields found on the Friends/Family record window will be converted however -- all other data (dues/donations/custom fields, etc) will be lost.

Note: Converting a member record to a Friends/Family record causes the original associated member record to be deleted. This process cannot be undone.

1On the member Associated tab, right-click the associated member to convert.
2Choose "Convert to Friends/Family" from the popup menu.
3Follow the prompts. When the record has been converted, the old member record will be deleted automatically.

Changing a Friends/Family record

1On the Friends/Family tab, click the entry you want to change, then click Open.
2When the Maintain Person window opens, make your changes, then click OK.

Deleting a Friends/Family record

1On the Friends/Family tab, click the entry you want to remove, then click Delete.
2Confirm the deletion.