Friends and Family

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One of the most common questions we receive is, "how should I track spouses and children?"

There are two primary methods of tracking these "other people", and the method that works best for you depends on how you classify these people, and what you need to track.

Associated Members

An associated member is normally used when the "other" member is a true dues-paying member of your organization.

This kind of record has its own Member ID, they receive mailings and email, they can pay dues, make donations, have their own To Do items, etc.  Associated members are full membership records.

Normally, an Associated member record would be a mentor, a golf partner, a spouse who is a full member, a referring member, etc.

See the Associated Tab for more information about adding this kind of record.


A Friend/Family record is normally not a member of the organization. These are the children, spouses, etc., of your true members whose information you need to know for various reasons; but, are not actual dues-paying members.

All Friend/Family records are subordinate to the master Member record. In other words, the system assumes that they are never contacted directly, queried for (with the exception of activity attendance, see below) or reported on.  Email and mailings would go to the main dues-paying member.

Friends/Family records have only a few fields of key information, such as name, birthdate, sex, photo, and a contact name and phone number (i.e., an emergency contact).

Friends/Family records can be checked-in to activities just like regular members, to allow situations where the member's family attends the gym, pool, etc. But even in this situation, associated activity income and expenses tie back to the main member because that is the person the system assumes pays the bills. (Note that the "Allow Check-In" checkbox can be cleared on any Friends/Family record that should not be available to activity check-in searches.)

Normally, a Friend/Family record would be a non-member spouse, a child, or another person of interested that is linked to the member..

See the Friends/Family Tab for more information about adding this kind of record.