The System Error Window

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It happened -- you were working normally when suddenly an ugly window with a red box appeared. Now what?

First, please understand that we do everything possible to try to catch problems (bugs) long before the software is released.  But with tens of thousands of lines of code, hundreds of windows, and countless ways of doing things, it's almost impossible to think of everything. Sooner or later somebody will perform some series of actions we didn't think of, the software will get confused, and boom! There's the window.

Since we really do want to hear about any errors you find, we built a special window to show errors in a format that makes it easy to send the information to us so we can act on it.

For example, we caused the following error to occur by shutting down the server while someone was still logged in:

The window is divided into two sections:

The top half is for you to use to provide details about what you were doing when the error occurred.  The more information you can provide, the more helpful the error report will be.  At a minimum, please at least tell us what window you were using, or what you just clicked or typed.
The bottom half includes information for our programmers to use to help diagnose the problem. (In this example, you can see that the "server version" couldn't be displayed, because we caused the error by shutting down the server.)

When you're ready to submit the error to us, just click "Copy". Then paste the information into an email message and send it to

Thank you for your help!