Dues Posting (Multi-Record)

Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional, you can post a specific dues entry to multiple records at once. You can choose to post to all records currently selected on the Membership or Group List, or to specific records, or to all records of a particular membership status, regardless of whether they are visible on the Membership List.

This feature can also be used to "zero-balance" an account, i.e., to post whatever amount is required to bring an account to a balance of zero. This is helpful if you have upgraded from the standard version (which just maintains a running positive balance) and would like to bring each account current to a zero balance.

Whether you want to post a specific amount, or zero-balance accounts, you will use the Post Dues window. This window is accessible whenever the Membership List or Group List is open.

If you accidentally post dues entries to a group of records and want to remove the postings, see Deleting Postings from Multiple Records.

Posting Dues

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List or Group List.
2If you plan to post to a set of selected records, highlight each record to which you want the dues entry to be posted. You can use the standard Windows key combinations to select multiple records, i.e., hold down the CTRL key to select various records, or hold the CTRL + SHIFT keys down to select groups of records.  You can also simply search for the records that meet a specific criteria, and then select all of them.
3Choose Actions > Post Dues.
4When the Post Dues window opens, the following fields are available:

 Type - This setting determines the basic operation of the window:

Manual Entry - Enables you to post a specific amount, using the posting type you choose.
Zero-Balance - Tells the system to post whatever amount is required to bring the selected dues account(s) to zero, using the appropriate debit or credit posting types you choose.

 Date Posted - The date on which the entry was created. Normally the current date.

 Date Recognized - The date on which you want the amount to apply to your organization

 Posting Type - The posting type to be used for each entry. If you selected Zero-Balance as the Entry Type, there will be two posting type fields visible. The Credit  type will be used for any account that requires a credit entry to balance it, and the Debit type will be used for any account that requires a debit entry to balance it.

 Note that if you select a posting type that generates a receipt number, this will be done automatically as postings are written to the database.

 Status - (available  posting from the Membership List) The "Use Status on the Membership Record" checkbox is selected by default, meaning each entry will use the member's current status.  To use a different status, clear this checkbox and choose the desired status to be set.

 Amount - The amount to be posted can be entered manually, or selected from various other options.

Manual Amount - lets you enter any amount you choose (note that all amounts are entered as positive numbers -- it is the posting type that determines whether it is applied as a debit or credit)
Minimum for Posting Type - automatically uses the minimum allowed for the selected posting type
Maximum for Posting Type - automatically uses the maximum allowed for the selected posting type
Yearly Dues for Selected Status - (available  posting from the Membership List) automatically uses the yearly dues amount set for the selected status (this option is not available if you have selected the "Use Status on the Membership Record" option, because the status can vary with each record.
Yearly Dues for Record Status - (available  posting from the Membership List) This option is only available when the "Use Status on the Membership Record" option has been selected. This will cause the system to automatically enter the appropriate yearly dues amount on each posted record, based on the record's current status.

 Note: If you selected Zero-Balance as the Entry Type, the amount fields are not visible because the system will calculate the amount for each account.

 Method - Enter the payment method.

 Cheque - Enter the number of the physical cheque, or another payment identifier.

 Set New Dates - (available  posting from the Membership List) If you want to change the current Start and/or End Date on the membership record(s) posted to, set the appropriate date(s).

 Comments - Enter any comments that should be used for the entry, i.e., "Yearly Dues"

 Mark for Printing - You can choose to print receipts from this window, or just mark records for printing later.  If you want to print receipts from this window, leave this option unselected.

5Use the Records to Post section of the window to specify which records will be updated:
All Selected Records - will post to every record current selected (highlighted) on the List
All Records with a Status of [your selection] - (available  posting from the Membership List) will post to all members currently set to the selected status, regardless of whether they are currently selected or even displayed on the Membership List.
Specific Record - will post the the member/group selected in the field.
6When you're ready to post entries, click Post.  The posting will be saved to the database, and the name and amount will appear in the Completed Postings list.

Printing Receipts

To print one or more receipts, select the record or records to be printed from the Completed Postings list, then click Print.  If you want to preview the receipts before they are printed, turn on the Preview option (note that this will preview EVERY receipt, so if you just want to test it, you may only want to select one or two receipts at a time.