Dues Account Statement Report

Professional Version Only

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This report is designed to be sent to your members.  It is formatted such that the member's address will appear in a standard window envelope, and the return address of your organization is displayed on the report. (If you haven't set your organization's return address, see Organization Preferences.)

The upper portion of this report includes the member ID (labelled "Account Number") and their current account balance. The lower portion of the report is their statement of account, showing account history.

When this report is selected, an additional Options tab is available on the Report Settings window, with the following settings:

Statement Text - Optional texts to display above or below the statement.
Include Remittance Advice - Select this option to display a "tear off" remittance form for the recipient to use to return a payment.
Return Address - The return address to display on the Remittance Advice. This enables you to provide a different location for collection of payments rather than the default return address specified in report Preferences.
Include Friends/Family - Select this option to display a list of the member's friends/family names and relationships.
Include Balance Forward - Select this option to sum all postings prior to a specified date and print it on the report separately from the postings following that date.  This setting is designed to avoid displaying the entire posting history of a member. For example, you could sum everything prior  to the end of the previous year, and display only entries for this year.
After selecting the Include Balance Forward option, the following fields must also be set:
Date: The Date Recognized to use for the balance forward calculation.  All postings ON or BEFORE the date will be summed and displayed with your Label.  Postings shown on the rest of the report will be limited to those with a Date Recognized AFTER the date. (Other criteria can still be used, but the Date Recognized > YourDate will be added automatically behind the scenes.
Label: The text to display to the left of the balance.  If you choose a date of 12/31/2012, you might want text like "Balance forward as of 1 January:" but the choice is yours.