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Almost every dropdown list in MemberTies can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. The most common list that needs changes is the Membership Status, which almost always needs additional entries to match the terms used by your organization.

While you can add a new entry to most lists by selecting the "<New>" option in the list, it is sometimes helpful to maintain the entire list at once.  The lists are available via Tools > Dropdown Lists.

Since there are a large number of dropdowns, some are grouped together to make the menu more usable.  All dropdowns related to Activities are in their own sub-menu, as are all dropdowns related to Addresses.  All other dropdowns are listed alphabetically.

Note: Some dropdowns, such as Occupation Names, are special.  Occupation names are not pre-defined in the system -- the list grows as you use new names.  As such, the list will only contain values you have already used. You cannot add new ones, but you can correct the spelling of existing entries.  Other dropdowns, such as "Categories & Items" are inter-related, and are maintained together.