Using Tables

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Tables can be inserted virtually anywhere in a document, and can even be inserted within other tables. By default, the grid lines that identify the borders of the table (for editing purposes) are displayed, but they can be turned off with the Grid Lines menu option.

Note: A table cannot be inserted when text is selected (i.e., it can't be used to replace selected text). In addition, if a table is inserted immediately above or below an existing table, it will become part of the existing table.  There must be at least one line of normal text between tables.

Adding a Table

1Choose File > Workspace > Documents
2Open an existing document if necessary, and put the cursor at the position where the table should appear.
3Choose Actions > Insert > Table
4On the Insert Table window, specify the number of columns and rows the table should have.  If any value is left blank, the default is 2.
5Click OK to insert the table.

Deleting a Table

1Use the mouse to select the line preceding the table, plus all rows/columns of the table itself.
Note: The selection must include the paragraph just before the table (the "anchor" if you will) so the software knows you are trying to delete the whole table, not just the contents of the cells.
2Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

Note: An alternate way to delete a table is to select all rows, then choose Actions > Table > Delete > Row.  This can be useful if the table is the very first thing on the very first page, making it impossible to select anything ahead of the table.

Modifying Table Attributes

Any set of cells can be modified at once, as long as the entire set of selected cells are within a single table. i.e., if the table contains another table within it, you cannot select part of both tables and modify them at once.

1Select the cell(s) to be modified, then choose Actions > Table > Properties.


2The Table Properties window includes two pages of settings:
Frame and Color - enables you to change the gridlines around the selected cell(s), background color, and the amount of space between the edge of the cell and the text within.
Size and Formatting - enables you to set cell height, alignment, and whether the row can break across pages.
3Make your changes, then click OK to apply the changes to the selected cell(s).

Splitting a Table

This enables you to divide one table into two separate tables. A table can only be split if it contains the current input position and no further text is selected.

1Place the cursor on the row where you want to split the table.
2Choose Actions > Table > Split > Above (or Below) to divide the table.

Note: To restore (un-split) a table, delete the text lines between the tables.