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All documents are first generated and displayed on the Print Preview window (see Processing Style below).

Printing a Document

1Be sure the correct printer has been selected. Choose File > Printer Setup if necessary to change the printer in use.
2Choose File > Workspace > Documents.
3 Select the document to be printed.


4Verify the data to be used, if you have embedded database fields, by clicking Show Data, and modify the Settings as needed. (If there are no fields in use, no settings or data apply -- the document will only print one time, or however many copies are requested). There are two Processing Style options on the Show Data window that control how the document will print:
Generate and print each document immediately - this is the default option, simply meaning that the system will generate a document, fill in any embedded fields, and preview/print it immediately.
Generate all documents and print as one - this options causes the system to append every document for every record into one large "master" document, and then send that one large document to the printer.  This only makes sense on small jobs, when printing to a PDF file.
5Click Print to open the Print Preview window for the first document.
If the document contains embedded Database Fields, the system displays the document for the first record with embedded fields replaced with data for that member.  If there are no embedded fields, the document is displayed as-is.


6On the Print Preview window, the following options are available:
All Pages - Select this option to print everything. Clear this option if you want to specific a specific start and end page.
From Page - the first page to be printed, if the All Pages option is not selected.
To Page -  the last page to be printed, if the All Pages option is not selected.
Copies - the number of copies to print
Printer Setup - enables you to change the printer (the current printer is displayed above the "Entire Document" checkbox)
7When you are finished, click the appropriate button:
Print - to print the current document and display the next
Print All - to print the current document and all subsequent documents without any further preview display
Cancel - to cancel all printing