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Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional  you have the ability to create formatted documents similar to what you could create in dedicated word-processing software. The following features are supported:

Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Styles
Font/Character Formatting
Font/Character Styles
Multi-column layouts
Bullets & Numbering
Text Frames
Page Headers/Footers
Section Formatting
Embedded database fields


The word processing software is actually a 3rd party tool has been built into MemberTies Professional.  As such, we cannot make it do things it doesn't already do. However, it is a very powerful tool that provides significant of flexibility and features.

Units of Measure

The word processor displays everything in inches. You can use the Page Setup menu option to change the document size to a European format (i.e., A4), but all measurements will still display in fractions of an inch (i.e., the paper width will display as 8.268 inches for A4, rather than 210 mm). We are not currently able to change this behavior as it is embedded in the tool.