Deleting Postings from Multiple Records

Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional a special deletion window is available to remove dues and/or donations from multiple records based on specific criteria.  This enables you to "undo" an errant posting without opening and modifying hundreds of records individually.

Deleting Postings

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List or Group List.
2Choose Actions > Delete Postings.
3When the Delete Postings window opens, enter the appropriate criteria to match the unwanted entries. The following criteria fields are available (each field is optional, but you must select at least one criteria):

 Date Posted - The date to be matched.

 Posting Type - The posting type.

 Record Status - The status of the membership record itself (this field only applies when deleting member Dues/Donation/Activity postings).

 Posting Status - The status on the individual  posting.

 Amount - The amount posted.

 Limit to Currently Selected Records - Select this option to limit the search to only those records currently selected on the List.

 In the "Apply To" section, choose whether the system should search for Activity, Dues, Donations, or Group postings. Note that this window is used for both member and group postings, so it is possible to choose an impossible combination. i.e., if you choose to apply to Group postings, but require a specific (member) Record Status, the system won't find anything to delete.

4When you have entered enough criteria to limit the search to the postings you want to remove, click Delete.  A message will be displayed with the results of the operation.