Custom Tab

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

The Custom tab displays custom field data. Custom fields can be used for nearly any sort of data you wish, and they can be customized to become dropdown lists, editable lists, check boxes, and ordinary text fields.

You can create as many custom fields as you wish, and you can choose where and how they will be used and displayed.  This example shows a simple text field, two dropdown lists (one for text, one for decimal values), a simple number field, and a checkbox.

See Maintaining Custom Fields for information about changing the definition of a field.

Note: If you use custom fields a lot, you may wish to change the Tab Order preference to make this tab appear next to the General tab.  You can also (using the Professional version) display any custom field on the main Group List by creating a view of your own.