Command Line Arguments

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If you would like to create a Windows shortcut to automatically fill in fields on the Login window (and optionally start the login process as well) you can use command line switches. (Note that using these switches will override any auto-login preference setting you may have set.)




-u [user]

Identifies the user name to be entered on the Login window.

-u myuser

-p [password]

Identifies the password to be entered on the Login window.

-p mypass

-d [database]

Identifies the folder name of the database to be selected. This is the value shown in parenthesis in the database dropdown on the login window.

-d skiclub


Indicates that the system should "click the login button" automatically. No information should follow the "-a".


So a complete entry in a shortcut's Target property might look like:

Note that the complete entry in the "Target" field is:

"C:\Program Files\MemberTies\mt.exe"  -u myuser -p mypass -d skiclub -a