Search Tab (Group List)

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You can use the Search tab on the Group List to search for group records based on your own criteria, and then display the records found on the Results tab. Refer to the Overview for a quick description of the types of searches.

Searching for Records

1Choose File > Workspace > Group List.
2When the Group List appears, choose the Search tab.
3Determine whether you want to run a basic or advanced search:
Entering Basic Search Criteria
Entering Advanced Search Criteria
4When you have finished entering criteria, click Search to tell the database to find the records that fit the criteria you created.  The matching records will be displayed on the Results tab.


Multiple Addresses: With MemberTies Professional you can assign a record more than one address. When you do this, you will also want to use the "Addresses" field on the Search tab to specify which address to use for the results. If you choose "All Addresses" you might see the record more than once in the list -- once for each of its addresses.
When you use Advanced search criteria you can save the search for future reuse. See Entering Advanced Search Criteria for more information about this kind of searching.