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Anyone logged in to MemberTies can change their own password at will, but only the administrator (mtadmin can change the password of other users. This procedure covers both of these scenarios.

Note: You should always choose a password that is difficult to guess (i.e., don't use your birthday, your address, your pet's name, or "password."). As a rule, membership databases contain a lot of confidential information -- a good password is the first step to preventing a loss of information.

Passwords are CAsE SensiTive! The word "mypassword" is totally different from "mYpassWord" (and still not a very secure password, by the way).

By default, the password for the most powerful account in the system (mtadmin) is simply, "password." You should login as this user as soon as possible and change the password to something more secure.

IMPORTANT: If you lose your password, there is no way to retrieve it.  Passwords are encrypted, and there is no way for anyone (not even Myrro International) to determine what password you used. Make the password something you can remember, and keep it somewhere safe!  In the event that you do lose a password, the mtadmin user can log in and give you a new password.  If the mtadmin password is also lost, you will need our help to reset it.

Changing Your Own Password

1Log on normally using your valid User Name and Password.
2Choose Tools > User Tools > Change Password.
3Complete each field:
Current Password - Enter your current password.
New Password - Enter the new password.
Confirm Password - Enter the new password again to confirm it.

 Asterisks ( * ) will appear instead of the letters or numbers as you type passwords, but do not assume that each asterisk represents one letter. They are just there to hide what you type.

4Click OK.
5If you entered your current password correctly, and the New and Confirm passwords match, a message will be displayed indicating the success of the change.  If the change is successful, the system will be restarted so you can login with the correct information.

Changing Another User's Password (administrator only)

1Login to any MemberTies database as the administrator user "mtadmin".
2Choose Tools > Database Admin Tools > Maintain Users.


3Select the user whose password you want to change and click Open.
4On the Edit User window, click the Change button next to the password field.


5Enter the new password, then click OK on all windows to save.  The new password will take effect as soon as the user logs in again.