Changing Data (Bulk)

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You can change a number of fields' data for multiple records at once from the Membership List.

This window includes three tab pages, each enabling you to modify a different type of data.  Any changes made on any tab page will affect all selected membership records when you click Update.

Changing Data in Bulk

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List.
2Select the record(s) you want to change.
3Choose Actions > Change Data (Bulk).
4When the Mass Data Change window opens, enter data in any field you want to change.

 Note: To clear a field, select the "Clear" checkbox to the right of the field.  If no checkbox is available, the field may be a required system field, defined as required (for a custom field) or may require a choice from a dropdown list of options.

 Note: Each membership record must have either a first and last name, or a company name.  If you choose to clear one of these fields, the system will not update the record if doing so would violate this rule. i.e., if you try to clear the company name, and one of the selected records has no first or last name, the update will be ignored on that record.

5When you are ready to apply changes, click Update.