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A popup calendar is available to help you pick dates wherever you see the calendar icon. The calendar and/or calendar field supports a number of keyboard shortcuts.




Go to Today's Date

D (or plus "+" key)

Add One Day

CTRL+D (or minus "-" key)

Subtract One Day


Show Hebrew date for the  (see below)

M (or Page Up)

Add One Month

CTRL+M (or Page Down)

Subtract One Month


Add One Year


Subtract One Year


The Gregorian to Hebrew Date Conversion is accessible by pressing the "H" key.  The date is converted to numeric and text formats and may be quickly copied by clicking the Copy button next to the desired date format. This is intended for users who need to get the corresponding date for use in a comment or other text field.  It does not cause the current date field to be replaced by the converted date.