Bullets & Numbering

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Several options are available for creating bulleted or numbered lists of one or more levels.

Modifying Bullet and Numbering Settings

1Choose File > Workspace > Documents
2Open the document you want to work with.
3Place the cursor in the paragraph you want to modify, then choose Actions > Format > Bullets and Numbering > Properties.


4The Bullets and Numbering settings window includes many settings to control the display:
Choose the style of list by clicking the appropriate graphic (None, Bullets, Numbers, or Multi-Level
Bullet/Number Position - controls where the actual "bullet" displays relative to the margin
Text Position - controls where the text begins after the "bullet"
Separating Character - controls the "gap" between the bullet and the text
Level - sets the indent level

 Bullet (these settings apply when a bullet style is chosen)

Character - the "bullet" to use
Size - the size of the bullet character in points

 Number Format (these settings apply when a number style is chosen)

Number Style - the style used for the "numbers"
Text in Front - optional text to precede the number
Start At - the starting "number" for the number series (normally 1)
Text After - optional text to follow the number (normally a period)
Restart Numbering/Continue List - whether the number series continues or restarts with the "Start At" number at the selected paragraph
5Make your changes, then click OK to apply the changes to the selected paragraph(s).