Backing Up the Database

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You should keep a backup copy of the database at all times. This copy should either be on a separate local drive, or on a removable media such as a CD-ROM. A "backup" folder under your My Documents folder is created by default when MemberTies is installed. You can backup the database here if you wish.

Note that your security settings control whether you are allowed to backup the database.

Backing up the Database

1Choose Tools > Database Tools > Backup Database.


 The last used database backup folder will be entered for you in the "Backup to" field.

 The "File Name" field is automatically set to a suggested backup file name. The format of the name is:

         bkup_[date]_[database name].sql

2If you want to backup the database to a different file/folder, click the Browse icon and navigate to the desired folder. If you choose to enter a folder name by hand and the folder does not exist, it will be created automatically.
3The "Backup File can only be restored as" setting controls how the backup file itself is created.  If this option is selected, additional code is placed in the backup file so that when it is restored it will recreate a database by the same name, regardless of the database you are in when you run the restore process.  If this option is not selected, a database can be restored into any database, overwriting all existing data. The default is unselected, because most people want to be able to restore data into any database name.
3When you are satisfied with the settings, click Start Backup.  A series of messages will be displayed in the "Messages" section, indicating the steps taken. These messages are all written to the log file indicated as soon as the backup completes.

Automatic Database Backup Prompting

If a non-zero Backup Prompt value has been entered in Database Preferences, the system will check the date of the most recent backup each time you exit the program. This date will be compared with the current date to determine whether to prompt you to run a new backup.

If you choose Yes when prompted to run a backup, the Backup Database window will appear as if you had selected the Backup Database option manually. The system will not run a backup in the "background" without you knowing about it.