Starting the Server Automatically

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If you would like to put a shortcut into your Start > Programs > Startup folder so that Windows starts the server for you when you start your computer, a command line switch is available for this purpose.

Creating a Shortcut

1Create a shortcut to the mtsrv.exe file. Go to My Computer, and navigate to the c:\program files\MemberTies\ folder.  Right-click the "mtsrv.exe" file, and choose "Create Shortcut." Windows will normally create the new shortcut automatically, calling it something like, "Shortcut to mtsrv.exe"
2Right-click the newly created shortcut and choose, "Rename" and change the name to "MTServer Autostart".
3Right-click the shortcut again and choose, "Properties."  The window should display something like this:


4Change the Target entry, by adding a "/s" after the existing line as shown:


 Be sure to put this outside the quotation marks, if they exist, and be sure to use a forward slash as shown, not a backslash.

5Click OK to save the new shortcut.

Using the Shortcut

Now you are ready to use the new shortcut.  The way to use it varies with different versions of windows, but the general steps are:

1Right-click the new shortcut and choose "Copy".
2Right-click the Start Button and choose "Explore".
3Navigate to Programs, then the Startup folder.
4Right-click the Startup folder and choose "Paste".

The new shortcut should now run each time you start your computer.

If you see the Server Utility window opening when you start your computer, it means that the shortcut doesn't include the "/s" switch correctly.  Without that flag, the window won't know to do its job silently and it will open and wait for you to act. Be sure to type a forward-shash (/) not a backslash (\).