Associating Saved Reports with the Report Viewer

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If you have ever tried to open a saved report file (i.e., "myreport.psr") with a program other then the Report Viewer you may have accidentally created a permanent association between .psr files and a program that can't use them, such as Notepad or Word.

From them on, when you want to view a .psr file, you have to open the Report Viewer first, and then open the report file, instead of just double clicking the report file itself.

Here's how to reassociate the .psr file type with the Report Viewer for easy opening:

1Go to Windows Explorer (via start menu, or double-click My Computer and open your c:/ drive)
2Find a saved report file (something.psr)
3Click the file ONCE to select it without opening it.
4Hold down the SHIFT key, then right-click the file.
5The popup menu will have an option called "Open With..." If you don't see the option, you didn't have the SHIFT key held down when you right-clicked it.
6The dialog that opens will list all the programs Windows knows about. Find the Report Viewer. If the program isn't listed, you may have to click "Other" to browse for it. (This assumes it's installed, of course. )
7After you select the program, be sure the "Always use this program to open this kind of file" checkbox is selected before you click OK.

The report file should open in the Viewer, and from then on, those .psr files will be associated with the report viewer.

See Saving PSR Reports for more information.