Adding Members to Activities

Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional , you can assign one or more members, including an activity posting and amount, to one or more activities, directly from the Membership List results window.

Adding Members to Activities

1Search for the appropriate records on the Membership List.
2On the Membership List, select one or more records to be assigned to the activity(s).
3Choose Actions > Assign Activity.
4To assign members to a single activity, select the desired activity in the Activity field, then continue to step 6.
To assign members to more than one activity, click the "[+...]" button to the right of the activity field to access the Select Multiple Records window.


5Select all the activities to which the member(s) should be assigned, then click OK.
6On the Assign Activity window, finish completing the desired fields. (Posting data is optional.)
7Click OK to assign all selected members to the activity and create (if appropriate) a posting for each.
8After assignment completes, you can review the Results tab to see what was done, or just click Cancel to close the Assign Activity window.

System Overrides

It is possible that the system will override some entries provided on this window to ensure that activity settings are enforced if applicable. In addition, it is possible that some members will not be successfully assigned to one or more activities.  If errors occur, they will be displayed in the log file available after the process completes.


Some things that will cause the system to override settings include:


If the activity has a specific capacity (and does not allow over-booking), and the capacity is reached either before or during the assignment process, all subsequent members will be ignored.        
If a member has a status that is not allowed to attend activities, the member will be ignored.
If the Start or End Date provided falls outside the range required by the activity, the Start and/or End Date of the activity will be substituted for all members for that activity
If the Start or End Date of the activity is to be copied to the attendance record, the Start and/or End Date of the activity will be substituted for all members for that activity


Since this window enables you to assign multiple members to multiple activities, the success or failure of each assignment is written to the Results tab for easy review.