Results Tab (Activity List)

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The Results tab displays the record(s) that matched the criteria entered on the Search tab, whether basic or advanced.

If you're not familiar with selecting records in lists, please see this topic on how to select records from lists in Windows.

Finding a Record in the List

When the Results list is displayed, you can quickly find an activity by simply typing the activity name. As you begin to type, a field labelled, "Activity Name Search" will appear above the list and will contain the letters you type. Type enough of the name to identify the record, then press Enter. The current list will be searched for that name and if found, the record will be highlighted for you.

Note that the list will be searched in the order that it is currently displayed, from top to bottom.

Also, use the Page Up/Page Down and Arrow keys to move through the list, or use CTRL+Home and CTRL+End to scroll to the beginning or end of the list, respectively.

Changing the Sort

Click the column heading of any column to sort the list by that column. This example from the membership list illustrates clicking the column heading to sort by email address:

The first click will sort the column in ascending order, the second click will sort the column in descending order.

Widening a Column

If you need to read especially long entries, just position your mouse pointer between the column headings until the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, then drag the column to the size you want.

Dividing the View

Divide the list into two sections by using the split-scroll bar so you can see two different parts of the list at once.

Refreshing the Data

Depending on the setting of the "Refresh Lists Automatically" preference, the list may or may not redisplay to show changes each time you add or modify a record. If the preference to automatically refresh has been turned off, you can press F5 or choose Actions > Refresh Display to re-retrieve data from the database. Note that the number of records matching the search criteria is always displayed on the Results tab.

Working with Records

Press Enter to open the currently highlighted record for editing.
Press the plus ( + ) key to add a new record.
Duplicate a selected record by highlighting the row and choosing File > Copy Activity
Display attendance entries for an activity by choosing Actions > Display Current Attendance
Additional options are available either from the Actions menu, or from the popup menu accessed by right-clicking a row in the list.