Activity Front Desk Preferences

Professional Version Only

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These preferences control various features of the Activity Front Desk window. See Using the Activity Front Desk for more details.

Setting Activity Front Desk Preferences

1Choose Tools > Preferences, or click the Preferences toolbar button.
2Expand the Activity Front Desk section by double-clicking it, or by clicking the [+] symbol.
3The following preferences are available:

 Allow Check In - controls whether a member can be checked in to the activity directly on the Front Desk window. If, for example, your organization requires pre-registration for activities, you might want to disable this preference. Then, when you query for a member using the Front Desk window, if they are not already registered (check-in earlier), it will not be possible to check them in at that time.

 In this case, you could update the existing check-in displayed on the front desk window to reflect that the person has actually attended.

 Allow Dues Entries - controls whether new dues entries can be created on the Front Desk window for the selected attendee. If enabled, a Dues icon will be displayed in the Activity Synopsis area.

 Limit Synopsis Data - prevents the display of personal information in the Activity Synopsis area of the Front Desk window. If the person(s) using the Front Desk should not be allowed to view address and phone number information for attendees, enable this option.

 End Date Validation - disables the Check In button if the selected member has an End Date in the past.

 End Date Warning - controls whether a popup warning message is displayed when the selected member has an End Date in the past.  This message is only a warning; it does not prevent the user from proceeding. Use the End Date Validation preference to stop the check-in entirely.  Note that in Unattended Mode, the message will not be displayed.

 Multiple Check-In Warning - controls whether a popup warning mesasge is displayed when a member checks-in prior to being checked-out of an existing entry on the same date. This can be used to prevent duplicate entries.

 Show Company in Results - controls whether the Company Name is included in the results list when multiple records match the search criteria.  If this option is off, the company name will only display if there is no member name.  If you rarely use the company name and therefore do not need it as a way to help identify the correct member when multiple matches are found, turn this option off..

 Use Unattended Password - controls whether an optional password is available when using Unattended Mode.

4When you're finished changing preferences, click OK.