Activity List Overview

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The Activity List lets you access all of the activity records in the database. It enables you to define, store, and load search criteria, as well as access the records themselves. You can also set up a specific search to run each time the list opens.

The Activity List is made up of two tabs, Search and Results.

The Search Tab

The Search Tab is used for entering criteria to restrict the records that will be found and displayed on the Results tab.  In the sample above, only activities with a description containing the word "fundraising" will be found.

If no criteria is specified, all records will be displayed. If you have a large number of records (more than 1000), using some criteria to limit the number of records found will improve the search speed.

The Results Tab

The Results tab displays the record(s) that matched the criteria entered on the Search tab.

The Results tab is used for accessing individual records.