Activities Tab (Members)

Professional Version Only

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

With MemberTies Professional, an additional tab appears on the membership record for activities. The Activities Tab contains a list of all activities to which the member has been entered as an attendee. Clicking any activity causes the Activity Attendance section in the lower half of the window to display all associated check-in/check-out attendance data for that activity.

Opening an Existing Activity

1In the Associated Activities section, select the activity you want to open.
2Click Open.
3When the Activity Details window opens, make your changes, then click OK. See Working with Activities for more information.

Associating the Member to an Activity

You can assign the member to any number of existing activities

1In the Associated Activities section, click Search.
2When the Assign Activity window appears, choose the appropriate activity (or activities), and enter an additional data for attendance or posting data, then click OK.  The system will assign the member to all selected activities.
Note: The Assign Activity window is also available directly from the Membership List. For more information about the Assign Activity window, see Adding Members to Activities.

Disassociating the Member from an Activity

1In the Associated Activities section, select the activity to be removed.
2Click Delete to delete all associations between the member selected activity.
3Confirm the deletion.